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"We chose as the system seemed simple and easy to use. After a few months we realised that we needed a more in depth reporting and invoicing system and various other adjustments. Tristan was so helpful and set about updating our system. He just seemed to understand our needs perfectly. I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending this Hotel Booking System."

Valda Edmunds, Head of Leisure, Working Men's Club & Institute Union Ltd, London

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How To Use Networking Within Hotel Systems Software

This utility will allow the hotel booking system to connect to another database, other than the one that is installed on the computer at program installation.

There are several reasons for wanting to network this program. It could be that you have more than one computer wanting to communicate with the same database. The other reason is for backup purposes. By keeping the database on another server or client machine may provide the best option for keeping the database content safe.
Whatever the reason for changing the standard database installation, this utility will provide the result.

To copy or move the database, please locate the db folder in the programs installation directory and copy or move the database to the required place. Use the Networking facility to set the database path and then click save.

The networking facility can be found in the programs installation directory and is named, "Networking.exe".

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