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"We chose as the system seemed simple and easy to use. After a few months we realised that we needed a more in depth reporting and invoicing system and various other adjustments. Tristan was so helpful and set about updating our system. He just seemed to understand our needs perfectly. I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending this Hotel Booking System."

Valda Edmunds, Head of Leisure, Working Men's Club & Institute Union Ltd, London

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How To Import Customers Within Hotel Systems Software

This form is to be used to import existing customer details into the Hotel Booking System database. This form is ideal if customer details already exist from a previous program or details were kept in some other form. For example Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.

The import accepts one format and that is a .csv file. The .csv file stands for a Comma Separated file. The imported file should contain the details of the customer, i.e Name, Address etc separated by commas.

The imported customer details file must be in the following format:

Title, Firstname, Surname, House Number, Address1, Address2, City, County, Postcode, Country, Telephone, Fax, Email Address

An real example using the format above would be:

Mr, Tristan, Collings, 5, Some Road, , Some City, Some County, CT11 1GB, United Kingdom, 01844555555, 01283771111,

If any details are missing and so cannot match the format as shown above then just put a comma. For example the customer details above are missing an address2 field. In this case the answer is to just include a comma.

The import format within this program is also the same as the export format.

All commands on this form are restricted to supervisor access level so only those users will have permission to import customer details.

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